Dear Friends,

We would like to invite you to join us in an in-depth exploration of one of the most universally revered dimensions of our human life, the Self.

Enriching this exploration is my collaboration with Loch Kelly, a meditation teacher and psychotherapist. He brings to his study of Self a lifetime steeped in meditation and the great awakening wisdom traditions of the world.

Through co-leading several live workshops, including a recent program at Esalen Institute, we’ve been amazed at how much our different perspectives add dimension and enrich each other’s understanding of the Self.  I’ve been actively experimenting with using his approaches personally and with clients, and he’s using more parts language and other aspects of IFS in his practice.

We have been so excited about our recent collaborations that we wanted to make this work available to everyone in our communities and beyond. In this upcoming 5-session online course we’ll be exploring:

  • How to bridge the IFS work with meditation
  • Why regular practice is important to bring more of Self into your daily life
  • 10 guided practices that you can download and use on a regular basis

Loch has evolved methods that help people quickly acquire what he calls direct shifts or glimpses that begin with Self separating from parts, to return home to Self.

In IFS we begin by asking the part to give us space to access Self. Self is the centerpiece of healing our exiled and traumatized parts, and when unburdened by these, Self-leadership is more available.  

I hope you can join us for what I guarantee will be a stimulating and exciting program.

With appreciation,
Dick Schwartz
Founder of Internal Family Systems and the Center for Self Leadership
Loch Kelly
Teacher and Author of Shift into Freedom

A person who is leading with the Self is easy to identify. Others describe such a person as open, confident, accepting — as having presence. They feel immediately at ease in a Self-led person’s company, as they sense that it is safe to relax and release their own Selves.

-Dick Schwartz, Founder Internal Family Systems

What We Will Be Exploring:

The IFS Model

Learn about the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy and gain skills that make self-exploration engaging and deeply satisfying.

Beyond Mindfulness

Beyond Mindfulness * Go beyond basic mindfulness to discover your awake embodied Open-hearted Awareness.

The BIG Shift

Shift out of from an ego-center and into your essential Self which has compassion toward all your inner parts and others.

Meditation Practices

Unique contemporary versions of ancient meditation practices to help you live from compassionate, engaged Self leadership.


Recent neuroscience insights that support compassionate awakening, creativity and connection.

Liberating Parts

Ways of liberating difficult emotions and repressed, shadow parts, by discovering your compassionate Heart Mind and living from Self.

Awakening to the Self and to Our Parts

In most of the world’s meditation traditions, the goal is to awaken from the small separate self into what has been called our True Nature, the Ground of Being, unity consciousness, Heart Mind, or larger Self.

In the IFS model, this larger Self is the centerpiece and undamaged fount that is the source of healing.  Accessing this no-self Self, and welcoming all our parts, is the ultimate medicine.

Through his writing and teaching, Loch Kelly has become an internationally known leader in helping people directly access Self in the midst of their daily lives. Richard Schwartz is expert at helping people bring the healing qualities of Self to their troubling inner voices, and those parts of us that feel vulnerable, inadequate, and overwhelmed.

In this special course, Dick and Loch will present five live weekly video teaching sessions with experiential exercises,  and Q&A from participants.

We will explore the remarkable possibility that Self is already right here–that it is both who we are and what is being sought when parts of us feel alienated, fearful or in pain.

We will explore how these parts of the psyche unburden when approached from the Self, with its natural respect, patience, and compassion.

These two leaders will not only teach and demonstrate their respective approaches to accessing Self but will also explore the connections between their approaches and how to integrate them. Participants will leave with new tools for understanding and accessing their own Self leadership and with the sense of having been part of a historic meeting.

The Self is not:

a part of you, your ego or observing ego, a hypnotic or altered state, an image or your imagination, an archetype or separate soul, a guide or inner voice, subtle energy or a core state, your compassionate adult or the person your age today, nor a meditator or mindful witness.  

 You will discover that essential wellbeing is not found by calming our minds or by changing our thoughts or attitudes, but actually by shifting out of our chattering minds
and into a
freedom that is already available.

-Loch Kelly, Shift into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness 

What’s Inside the Course:

Primer on IFS and Meditation

These pre-sessions are designed to provide a general framework and introduction to the work of Richard Schwartz and Loch Kelly. They will start us out with a shared language as we move through the course.

Pre-session #1: An Introduction to IFS Work with Richard Schwartz

Dick Schwartz will give you an overview of the Internal Family Systems approach, parts work, and the concept of Self Leadership.

Pre-session #2: An Introduction to Effortless Mindfulness and Awakening with Loch Kelly

Loch will present an overview of his work, including ways to approach mindfulness and meditation within the IFS perspective, to see how each can support the other.


Five Weekly Live Video Calls with Dick Schwartz and Loch Kelly

These interactive Q&A sessions are your opportunity to review the information from each week’s meditation and ask these experts about anything that comes up.

10 Guided Meditation Practices by Dick Schwartz and Loch Kelly

Each week you will receive two different practices to work with,  10 practices in all.  We recommend that you download and listen to these over and over both during and after the course is complete.

Private Membership Site

Just in case you can’t make all the calls, or if you want to listen to them later you can readily download each call recording. We will also make available transcripts of the calls.

Downloads and Transcripts of all Materials

Just in case you can not make all the calls, or you want to listen to them later you can readily download each call. We  will also make available transcripts of the calls.

Private Facebook Group

Access to a private Facebook Group that will connect you with a worldwide community to discuss the week’s course material, share experiences, give and receive support.

PLUS: Get these Bonuses

Meditations for Self by Dick Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz leads eight meditations to help you develop more awareness and love for your parts. His confident, calm manner provides gentle guidance to your inner exploration. These meditations can become the foundation of a daily practice designed to bring more self leadership to your life.

The Power of How – Session 1 by Loch Kelly

This is the audio of a live, experiential class teaching Loch’s glimpse method of unhooking awareness from thought and managing parts to shift into the freedom of Self and live from open-hearted awareness. This is Part 1 of a series of 4 classes that has student Q&A and complements Loch’s book, Shift Into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness.

What's Inside Each Module:


SESSION 1: A Framework for Self Leadership & Meditation

In the first week we will establish a foundational understanding of what is meant by Self Leadership and Meditation. We will explore various ways that parts can be unburdened, giving examples of the process.

Topics in this session will include:

  • Understanding how our parts operate
  • Overview of protectors, exiles and firefighters
  • What it means to unburden our parts
  • Identifying with the parts or gaining a higher perspective
  • Brief introduction to the Self
  • Questions and Answers

SESSION 2: Recognizing the Qualities of the Self

In this session we will go deep into the essential aspects of the Self. Once we can recognize and identify them, we can start to differentiate between the Self and inner parts.

Topics in this session will include:

  • How to know when we have accessed the Self
  • The essential qualities of the Self
  • Bridging the healing qualities of the Self to inner parts
  • Understanding the Self from an Eastern perspective
  • Questions and Answers

SESSION 3: Accessing and Allowing More of Self

In this session we will explore ways to bring more Self into our lives from moment to moment. At the beginning we just get glimpses, but as we develop more awareness, the Self becomes more of an established, steady state.

Topics in this session will include:

  • What happens internally when we face stress
  • Welcoming all parts of our system
  • How to make more space to allow more Self to emerge
  • What are blended and non-blended parts in the system
  • Three Ideas on how to allow more self to emerge
  • Questions and Answers

SESSION 4: Living Self in Your Daily Life

In this session we will look at ways to permeate Self into every aspect of our life. A big shift happens when we learn how our parts interact with the Self. We will also look at how to bring meditation off the cushion and  into our everyday activities.

Topics in this session will include:

  • What happens when you come from Self Leadership
  • How to interact with others who are coming from parts
  • How to integrate more Self into everything you do
  • How to bridge your meditation practice into daily life
  • Questions and Answers

Session 5: Effortless Self

In our final session, we will look at how to integrate and stabilize the presence of the Self as an ongoing quality. We will look more deeply at the role of meditation and at what lies beyond simple mindfulness practices for those who wish to go deeper.

Topics in this session will include:

  • Going deeper and deeper to discover who you are
  • The power of a regular meditation practice
  • Going beyond mindfulness to Effortless Self
  • How to study further and more advanced practices
  • Questions and Answers

Meet Your Teachers


Richard Schwartz earned his Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Purdue University, after which he began a long association with the Institute for Juvenile Research at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and more recently at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, attaining the status of Associate Professor at both institutions. He is coauthor, with Michael Nichols, of Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods, the most widely used family therapy text in the United States. Dr. Schwartz is the developer of Internal Family Systems and the founder of the Center for Self Leadership.

Loch Kelly, M.Div., LCSW is the author of Shift into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness which was named “Top 10 Best Books of the Year” by Spirituality & Health. He is an educator, contemplative psychotherapist and recognized leader in the field of meditation and consciousness. Loch is the founder of the non-profit Open-Hearted Awareness Institute. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary, where he received a fellowship to study Insight Meditation, Advaita, and Tibetan Buddhism in Sri Lanka, India, and Nepal. He collaborates with neuroscientists at Yale, UPenn and NYU to study how awareness training can enhance compassion and wellbeing.  

Once again, here’s everything the course includes:

2 Pre-Sessions introducing the work of Dick Schwartz and Loch Kelly [Value $100]

5 Weekly Teaching and Q&A Sessions with Dick & Loch [Value $497]

10 Guided Practices from Dick & Loch [Value $100]

Private Membership Site for Online Viewing [Value $50]

Full Downloads of all the Teaching Calls and Written Transcripts [Value $50]

PLUS These Two Bonuses
Bonus #1: Meditations for Self by Dick Schwartz [Value $25]
Bonus #2: The Power of How – Session 1 by Loch Kelly [Value $25]


We’re so confident you’ll be happy with this program that you get an unconditional guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the teachings, simply contact us at help@ifscircle.com within 21 days, and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to meditate to take the course?
Although having a meditation practice will help you with the concepts of the course, it has been designed so that you do not need to be an established meditator.  Each week for five weeks you will receive two different practices, one from Dick Schwartz and one from Loch Kelly that you may choose to explore.

What if I do not have experience with Internal Family Systems or with Eastern Meditation?
There are two pre-sessions where each of the teachers will give you an overview of the systems that they teach. These pre-sessions are designed so that you can have the foundational knowledge and vocabulary to make the most of the course.

Is this a course for practitioners or therapists?
This course is designed to be useful to therapists using the IFS model who are interested in looking at how mindfulness and meditation can be integrated. The course also has a purpose to help those who are interested in the intersection of mindfulness, meditation and psychotherapy.

Will I be able to ask questions throughout the course?
All of the calls for the five weeks will be Live and you can submit your questions in advance. When possible your questions will be integrated into the teachings or QA section of the course.

Will this course be given again in the future?
At the current time this will be a Live course only, and we are not sure when we will teach it again or release it as a recorded program. If you sign up you can download all of the course material so that you will own it forever.

How can I get further training?
For further opportunities to learn with Richard Schwartz and his organization you can go to https://www.selfleadership.org to sign up for information on live and online course.  For further opportunities to learn with Lock Kelly you can go to his website https://lochkelly.org/ to learn about his live and online courses.

What people are saying:

“Loch’s online course and methods have been one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. I can’t put the feeling in words. Meditation was hit and miss for me over the years. Now with these simple tools I can shift easily and get benefits each time.” ~ Laurie Tolbert

“The opportunity to see how Dick works was such a privilege and learning experience. It made me feel more connected and inspired by the model.” – J.C., Boise, ID

“Loch Kelly is a remarkable teacher… he guided me to have my own experience of awareness and my real “selfless” Self, which I had always hungered for.” ~ Kevin Barry Heaney, Former Director of Smithers Treatment Center

“I’m NOT techie so I just didn’t want the hassle. This training, in addition to its expert, excellent leadership, provides a refreshing experience using technology to learn counseling. A colleague showed me how easy it was to access modules and materials, I gave it a try, and I was hooked! Thank you for all the obvious effort you’ve put into this remarkable training from a content perspective and the technical side.”

“Practicing under Loch Kelly’s guidance is mind-blowing. You shift out of your chattering mind, and awareness emerges—clear, fearless, unconditionally accepting.” ~ Amy Gross, meditation teacher and former editor in chief O, The Oprah Magazine

“I took the online course as a beginner and at first felt like I was in too deep for me. But I stayed with it and half way through I started to experience a whole new dimension of reality—lighter, more grounded and open-hearted. I am so grateful.”  ~ Anne Martin

“Most spiritual teachers tell us “what” to do but Loch Kelly tells us “how” to do it. His teaching is what I have been looking for during the past 50 years of my searching. For this I am extremely grateful.” ~ Samuel A. Mann April 17, 2017

“Since practicing the glimpse exercises I have noticed a huge qualitative difference in my interactions with people at the psychiatric hospital where I work, and I hope to share some of the exercises with interested clients and staff. There is a sense of greater intimacy with experience and at the same time greater spaciousness surrounding experience.” ~ Collen Loehr, M.D.

“Beyond expectations. Exactly what I was looking for. Easy to understand theory with practical application to everyday flow of moments. From the first “glimpse” I could feel myself lose anxiety in favor of something gentler and more accepting. Highly recommend for beginners as well as seasoned meditators.” ~ E. Stamm

“Loch decodes and updates the age-old esoteric teachings, making them accessible to a hurried, modern audience. I use Loch’s techniques to re-orient myself away from the insanity of my thought-based life.” ~ Janine Melillo, Filmmaker

“I could not concentrate at school but then I learned panoramic awareness and it is easy as pie.” ~ Matt, high school student